Friday, March 04, 2011

Picasso at the VMFA

I went to the Picasso exhibit at the VMFA last night with some of my friends, it was AMAZing.

I literally live less than one block away from it, it was so easy to just walk on over.

We first met at 6:30 for some drinks at Amuse, which is the super cute restaurant upstairs at the VMFA.  It was not too stuffy, it was not too casual, it was a good balance.  I can't wait to go there during the summer when it's warm so that I can sit out on their floating balcony!

They had a drink list of special "Picasso Inspired" drinks, which a couple of the adventurous girls tried (I'm boring when it comes to trying new drinks fyi.)

We went down to the exhibit at 7:30.  Tickets are $20 but since I'm a member of the VMFA, my ticket was free (great deal.)

I'm NOT a big art person, but I thought the exhibit was out of this world.  It showed the way that his art evolved and it included pieces of his early art, more modern art, photographs, sculptures, and more.   Cameras weren't allowed in the exhibit, so here are some images of some of the pieces of art that we saw:

Celestina (The Woman with One-Eye), 1904

Two Women Running on the Beach (The Race), Summer 1922

Reading, January 2, 1932
The Goat, 1950

Here are my friends and I in the lobby of the VMFA:

The random lady who took our photo was short and she held the camera around her waist (have no idea why...) so we all appear super tall!

After the VMFA and Picasso, we all went over to The Bamboo Cafe for a late dinner:
It was delicious and had a wonderful cozy atmosphere.  It was my first time there but I am certainly going to return in the future!

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