Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Easy Directions on How to Drop the dot Blogspot....AND Possibly Converting to Wordpress?

I had a couple people ask how to get rid of the ".blogspot" at the end of your website address, so I figured that I'd give a quick summary of how to do it.  (This obviously only applies to people who set up their blogs through google blogger.)

It's SUPER easy.

Took like 4 minutes.

And it's cheap-- only $10 per year.
I am from the cave man days when it comes to technology...
...and I figured this out, so it can't be that bad.
Here's how I did it:  (NOTE:  this applies to the new blogger interface)

  • go to your blog
  • sign in and click on "design" in the right upper corner
  • click on "settings" in the column on the left
  • look at the "publishing" section in the middle of the screen
  • click "need a domain?"
  • and it'll then walk you through the process of paying $10 per year.  It's done through google.  Go Daddy has partnered with google to provide this service.
  • the end
Don't be intimidated, I am not technologically advanced AT ALL and this was simple to do.

Next step:  One day I am going to convert to Wordpress!  I just like the clean look of wordpress sites...This will probably happen later this year for me.

Anyone familiar with the google to Wordpress conversion?  I know that Blue Eyed Runner successfully pulled this off earlier this year.

Anyone love wordpress vs. google blogger?


  1. I was with Blogger for the first 4 months and then made the switch to self-hosted Wordpress. It wasn't easy, or maybe I'm just not that smart when it comes to this kind of stuff! I am so happy with the results though so the frustration was totally worth it! I just like the general look of my blog a lot better now. Like you said, it's a lot cleaner. If you're interested, I went with Bluehost. They are really great and have a 24 hour online chat that can help you through step by step. I wouldn't have been able to do it without them!

  2. I definitely like the idea of losing the blogspot in my address.

  3. Yep, definitely a good idea!! My biggest suggestion for if you switch to Wordpress is that you get the "Join this site" widget for it like you have in our sidebar here - that's the easiest way for people with blogger to follow Wordpress. There are alot of blogs that I want to follow, but since they don't have that widget, I can't keep up with them easily.

  4. I might oneday think about it if I ever take the writing thing seriously, but I only write for fun once a week. give it 13 years when I retire!!!

  5. You're my hero. I've been thinking about trying it but the effort to figure it out was way beyond me. Thanks!

  6. love wordpress- but have no experience with anything other than it- but trey can help you set it up if you want! he helped me a ton when i launched mine!

  7. ahh I am due to follow in your footsteps! I have heard negatives about both, but ten times more positives about wordpress...I kind of feel like you climbed inside my head and stole my blog hosting long term strategy :) but it's ok, I won't hold it against you :p

  8. You may want to splurge a few extra bucks for godaddy privacy if you aren't already. It means that if someone looks up neonblonderunner.com to see if the domain is available they won't be able to see your name and address. Yeah, address. Sketch. I splurged for safety - don't want any weirdos knocking on my door.

    Umm don't ask me for directions bc I don't remember but if I figured it out I'm positive you can too :)

  9. I like wordpress a lot, just because the layouts are clean and nice. I am very technologically challenged and I can use wordpress just fine! So, I'm a fan.

  10. i keep having off and on issues with blogger that make me want to switch, but overall it's a decent free platform :) Someday I'll probably make the switch too

  11. omg. I am going to do this. I have been wondering how to do this forever (in a cheap way).

    You rock girl!

  12. stupid question - but if someone is looking for my blog and types in my old address with the blogspot.com in it, will it redirect them to the new url? thanks for pointing this out!

  13. I was googling this question and it brought me to your blog. As luck would have it I am also a running blogger. Looks like I will be sticking around a while. You just got a new reader! Thanks for the info!


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