Monday, June 18, 2012

Writing a Blog Post while Offline

Maybe all of the blog world already knows about this....

BUT did you know that you can write blog posts while you're offline?

-NO more long boring car road trips as a backseat passenger
-NO more boring commutes on the subway/bus (for all you city folks)
-You can blog while you lay out at the pool or favorite park (what I happen to be doing)
IMG 2391
A little light reading and relaxing...
and now I have the option to blog at the pool too
You can put together a blog post (including photos and links) and then just post it when you get back to an internet connection!

So what type of software should you use?
I came across the following types of OFFline blog editors:

For Windows:
-Windows Live Writer (feature-rich and FREE)
-BlogDesk (FREE)
-Qumana (both mac and windows)

For Macs:
-MarsEdit (FREE 30 day trial)
-Ecto (not free....)
-Qumana (both mac and windows)


I have an apple MacBook, so I decided to check out MarsEdit because they have a 30 day free trial and most of the reviews were happy with it.  

So far, it's easy to use and pretty intuitive.  I'm still working on figuring out font sizing and color...

Have you ever used an OFFline blog editor?  
Mac-users...what's your favorite type of OFFline blog editor?
This is my first post!  We'll see if it works....


  1. I think I live under a rock because I`ve never even attempted to do this. I have a MacBook too so let me know which one you fall in love with!

  2. Let me know how you like it! I use a MacBook and would LOVE the option to work on blog posts during long boring roadtrips! Haha I could have used it this weekend during the 3+ hour drive to a race :-)

    I use BlogWriter which is an iPhone app so that I can do quick updates from my phone, though it's tedious to type much on there and I don't love the formatting (pictures too big, etc). It's pretty cheap at $3.99 for the app!

  3. I use blog press, an I phone app to write 99% of my posts since all of my photos are generally in my phone.

  4. I've never done that! Sometimes I type it up in a word document though & save it for later!

  5. I use the WordPress app on my phone to compose mine sometimes, so I'm kind-of online, but not really. I really need to buy myself a new laptop...

    Enjoy your time at the pool!

  6. I have never tried to do it. Id love to know people's favorites for the mac! Or if there are any good ones for the iPad!

  7. Nice! I have never tried it, but I never take my laptop anywhere, I will have to try and figure it out with my iPad.

  8. It seems like such a good idea, but I'm always multitasking and linking it up all over the internet. But maybe I should try it.

  9. I've tried downloading Windows live writer multiple times, but it just hasn't been working on my comp. Womp womp! Glad you're enjoying these prodcuts though!

  10. I've never tried this but it would be so useful on long trips or when I'm outside at the park or something without the internet. Thanks for the tips!

  11. I need to check into this. When I'm on the road, I use the blogger app on my iphone. It's really crappy though because you can't really edit much. We have a Mac, so I would definitely love to find something compatible with that. Great post!

  12. Interesting! I usually blog at home, so not really a need for me,but I can see it is useful for many other bloggers. I currently look into a tablet, it would help me keeping up with reading blog while at work or during breaks :)

  13. Great tip- I never knew you could blog offline. I might have to try it sometime.

  14. Love your view!
    I've heard people talk about Windows Live Writer, but didn't know if there were options for Macs. I just might have to give the MarsEdit trial a go!

  15. I use windows live writer; I've never written any posts offline, and then posted them. I've written posts from my phone on long car rides. I have a wordpress app on my iPhone.

  16. I love windows live writer! It's so much easier than the wordpress site!

  17. I had no idea - I would just sometimes write them in a word doc and then post them later. Crazy!

  18. I love your blog and I went to UVA too (CLAS 08)! I just finished the same Virginia Alum Magazine - but I'm feeling a little disappointed with the administration these days... ~L

    1. Aw, thank you!

      Go Hoos :)

      Yeah I read Sullivan's first public response today and I am really disappointed in the BOV at this point...I think the whole situation was not handled correctly!

  19. This is so helpful! I knew there was a way to do it, but haven't taken the time to figure it out. Thanks for sharing! :)

  20. i've never tried this / thought of this. i guess if i need to i will type up my thoughts in a "word" type program and then just copy and paste later. or back when work was super slow -- i'd type up blog posts in an email and send them to myself, haha.

  21. Finding Windows Live Writer changed my life! I only write offline posts sometimes, but it is SO much easier to format!

  22. Oh, and at work sometimes I'll write a post in an email if I'm having a slower night...then I just copy and paste when I get home. :)

  23. I am glad it was an enjoyable experience for you. I think that you should definitely do it again sometime and hopefully I will be able to make it to that one.
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